PODCAST: Today Maybe Forever presents “IN SPACE” at Atlanta Contemporary

IN SPACE is a collection of conversations with Atlanta-based artists, curators, creators, makers, leaders and educators presented on the Today Maybe Forever podcast platform. Each of these conversations was produced in the open space confines of Atlanta Contemporary, providing an opportunity to allow the activity, energy and sounds of the art center to add to the context of the dialogue.

Artistically, IN SPACE is an expansion and experimentation with the conversational form that I’m fairly familiar with, yet without the normal production context that I typically employ. Recorded over a series of four different dates at Atlanta Contemporary, IN SPACE is also an opportunity to document both similarity and change—in myself and the environment—through dialogue and insightful explorations with my colleagues.

The remarkable by-product of being able to revisit the same space at different times for conversation is noticing how much the space influences the moment and how much we (myself and my conversation partners) bring to each respective moment. In each conversation my voice sounds different, the background space sounds different and the energy between me and my conversation partner is different. We all bring a certain “version of ourselves” to each dialogue, and the process of collecting and documenting these interactions over this short period of time has heightened this awareness in a way that I deeply appreciate.

Thanks to Alex Acosta, Dubelyoo, Shannon Evans, Mark Leibert, T. Lang, Tiffany Latrice, Michi Meko and Teresa Bramlette Reeves for joining me in this moment, and special expression of gratitude to the Atlanta Contemporary leadership and staff in supporting this project.


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