Contemporary Conversations

You can learn a lot by being in conversations with artists, especially how they relate to their world, other industries, business, technology and community. More importantly, artists seem to be the very aware of how they present themselves, the context in which their work exists and how they influence and share/shape that. It’s a particular perspective that could be valuable to other industries as well. With that in mind, I’m excited to produce a series of conversations with several Atlanta-based artists and creatives as part of my Today Maybe Forever podcast series. These conversations will take place at Atlanta Contemporary in the public area/Resource Room.

To have Atlanta Contemporary as a host location is significant because, as an institution, it’s one of the most important places for art and culture in the city and plays an integral role in the ecosystem as a place for different industries and communities to collaborate and come together. I’m thankful for the Atlanta Contemporary leadership and staff for providing a space for these conversations to take place, and I encourage you to support them whenever you have the opportunity.

Current/Planned Featured Artists: Alex Acosta, T. Lang, Shannon Evans, Mark Leibert, Dubelyoo, Michi Meko, Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Tiffany Latrice and Jessica Caldas

Floyd and Mark Leibert


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