I’ve produced over 800 podcast episodes covering Art, Pop Culture, Fashion, Sports, and Technology. Some of my ongoing projects include Bottom of the Map, the Atlanta Legacy Makers Podcast, and a podcast for Flux Projects.

Here’s a sample of some of my initial podcast projects:

Your first of anything is filled with the most uncertainty and experimentation, and it was definitely that way with The G Cafe. The “G” stood for all interesting things that began with the letter “G”: Greatness, Gadgets, Glamour, Government, etc. Essentially, it was a podcast that covered pop culture through conversation with people who had some insight into a particular field…PR, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Media Culture, and beyond. I truly appreciated this experience, and there are still some elements of The G Cafe in nearly every project I’ve done since.

The Section 357 Show was the most challenging and most rewarding podcast because it represented a moment to do a project with some of my best friends, while conquering dimensions of time and space. We recorded this podcast across three (and sometimes four) timezones, with everyone calling in all at once. It was more technically demanding than any of my other projects, but I still think it was ahead of its time in terms of topic and structure; we had the pleasure of featuring NBA Champions, Olympic Medalists, Media personalities, Activists, and Reality TV Celebrities, just to name a few. And we still aren’t finished. With 352 Episodes, there are 5 episodes left…we just haven’t decided what or when they’ll be. Better yet…these last five episodes are like golden tickets; we just haven’t decided what to spend them on in terms of episodes.

The WonderRoot Podcast makes me proud because of the sheer number of artists we featured and that I had the pleasure of interviewing. And when I mean artists, I mean ARTISTS…folks who’ve had work in museums and magazines, on television and in movies, and on walls (public art) and in buildings around the world.

blklanta is what folks in Hollywood might call a passion project, but I prefer to call it a homage to my roots. The City of Atlanta (and Metro Atlanta) has shaped how I see the world, and also how I see beyond the world. In particular, the black community in Atlanta has shaped me and been a source of so much relevant pop culture, that it’s worthy of admiration and exploration. That’s what blklanta is…a love letter to black Atlanta.

Today Maybe Forever is a conversation series that allows me to explore artistic conversations, compelling ideas, and interesting people with respect to place and cultural memory. I’m excited to see where it goes and what locations/topics we get to explore.