Pop Up Radio Image

Pop Up Radio is a Public Art & Social Radio Experience that uses Music, Art, and Technology to bring global communities together. As curators and producers, Santiago and I bring together visual artists and DJs into the same space for a one-night installation experience, featuring music, conversation, and interaction with both the in-person and digital media audiences. We literally “pop up” in a space for (usually) a night, install the art, bring in the DJ, and have a good time. For people unable attend the event, they can stream the entire experience online in real-time via their computer or mobile device.

The impetus behind Pop Up Radio is to “surprise and delight” the public with an unexpected art moment, while giving the artists and DJs opportunities to connect with new audiences. Artists who have participated in Pop Up Radio include: Danielle Brutto, John Stephens, Mac Stewart, Amy Pursifull, Ana Maria Paramo, and Ernest Hood.


Pop Up Radio Live

I even took a turn as a DJ, getting a chance to spin some of my favorite tunes for the great folks in attendance and the online listeners.