“Love, War, Work and Ourselves” with Sara Santamaria

Being in transit. Grappling with the inside and outside versions ourselves. Dealing with the process of immigrating to America. Negotiating different cultures and notions around what it means to be a stranger. Being both present and absent. The invisible and permanent line. Bitterness and Rejection.

In this conversation, visual artist Sara Santamaria discusses all of the above in the context of her most recent exhibition, “Who Comes Today and Who Stays Tomorrow”.

MARTA trains // Room Temperature Water// Art Forms.

Raising empathy toward immigrants.

“At the end of the day, immigrants are very vulnerable. And they are being very courageous; they’re just trying to change their own destinies. People are immigrating for three main reasons—love, war, or work—and all of those three reasons imply a lot of hopes and expectations.” ~ Sara Santamaria



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