Science Gallery Atlanta – JUSTICE Exhibition

The JUSTICE exhibition season at Science Gallery Atlanta opened on March 30. I curated this exhibition that features and amazing cohort of scientists, artists, researchers, and designers.

JUSTICE examines the relationships between individuals and the systems that impact their lives, the intersection of those systems more broadly, and the agency of individuals to influence those institutions.

We are always trying to find new ways to coexist—across communities, families, time zones, timelines, counties, countries, and political parties, whether via formal boundaries or loose connections, and in both real life and digital spaces. Yet how we live with each other, how we discuss difficult issues while listening to opposing views, and how we shape the worlds we live in, is often the subject of debates, policies, trends, and competition.

At any moment we may be encountering a range of perspectives and values that challenge us to reevaluate the systems that govern our world and influence our lives. But how do we make sense of it all? How do we decide what is the best path for now, and for the future?


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