On Stage: Revisiting Pop Up Zine Atlanta


In October of 2019 I produced a live storytelling event called Pop-Up Zine Atlanta that featured non-fiction, multimedia stories about the metropolitan Atlanta region, with an emphasis on areas in Fulton County. This experience was performed in front of a sold-out theater audience at the Windmill Arts Center in East Point, GA, and featured favorite local writers, documentary filmmakers, audio producers, and artists. For these contributors, it was a unique platform to share non-fiction, reported stories with an enthusiastic audience. For audience members, it was an unforgettable night out surrounded by creative people who were passionate about smart and surprising stories told in a variety of mediums. It was live and ephemeral, one night only, and not recorded (on purpose) by the audience. Thanks to everyone who was there to make it a magical night!

Hopefully one day we’ll be able to come together to do it again soon! In the meantime, connect with Pop-Up Magazine (the presenting organization for Pop-Up Zine Atlanta)  here.




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