ONLINE: Hebru Brantley — Now and Neverworld

I visited Chicago recently to reconnect with the city, some friends and, of course, check out the art. Hebru Brantley’s “Nevermore Park” installation captured my interest and attention, and I wrote about it for Quaint Revolt. Here’s an excerpt:

There are a handful of Hebru Brantley murals that adorn buildings in Chicago, and with a little luck—and a local guide—you can see most of them on an easy Sunday afternoon drive around the city. The murals complement what many have come to know of the artist via his commercial work, with Flyboy, Lil Mama and their peers doing ordinary things that kids do, but with attitude. Brantley often puts them in motion, defiantly, seemingly in some aspirational or self-reverential pose or action that projects a confidence that might not exist among the real boys and girls of his Southside Chicago roots. We see Lil Mama and Flyboy as heroes, in races, and in flight… Black bodies as agents of change in their own reality.

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