St(Art) Up Entrepreneurship, Brick by Brick

Over the past several years in Atlanta, there’s been tremendous growth in emerging Arts organizations and Start Up Entrepreneurs, so much so that both communities have begun to impact how Atlanta’s citizens view the role of art, business, and entrepreneurship in their daily lives. I’ve begun to think more and more about how the Arts and Entrepreneurial communities overlap and influence each other and the enormous potential the could be unlocked if there was more collaboration between the two.

To that end, I recently wrote a blog for Americans for the Arts discussing how Arts Organizations could borrow some of the methodology of the Start Up communities to build more solid infrastructures for expanding new ideas. When Arts Administrators have the tools to build better support for their ideas in the beginning phases, it’s clearer to see the gaps and opportunities to improve the foundation of those ideas for the long term, even if there’s some fluidity throughout the process. Going forward, I’d like to continue to delve deeper into the relationships between the Arts and Entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to a city like Atlanta where fresh ideas pop up all the time. Stay tuned.



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