Conference Conversations: SouthWiRED


At this year’s SouthWiRED Conference I had the pleasure of participating as a featured presenter as well as a panelist.

The panelist role gave me the chance to give my perspective on how artists can grow their audiences, while my presentation afforded me the opportunity to foster a dialogue with respect to digital/social media strategy. I really love moments like these because you get a chance to really assess and compile of lot of notes from prior conversations and share those nuggets of wisdom with others, in addition to learning and being able to fill some of your own gaps.

Everyone was full of good energy and I walked away with some key takeaways that helped re-shape how I see the impact of media strategy in our current digital era.

Below is the “blurb” from my SouthWiRED presentation:

In this lecture I will discuss the unique challenges associated with building and maintaining a strong digital presence in a Social Enterprise environment, using examples and anecdotes from my role as Interactive/Integrated Media Manager at WonderRoot, an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change. My comments will highlight several primary areas, including general strategies, community building, fundraising, and content creation, with a focus on these actions within the context of a Social Enterprise.

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