On Air: The Saga of Pop-Up Radio

Many moons ago, DJ Santiago Paramo and I had an idea.

Fueled by a shared love of music, art, and bringing people together, we cooked up the notion of Pop Up Radio, using technology to unite our in-person and online audiences around a shared experience. Through seven episodes/exhibitions we did just that, while helping launch a few new careers, expand a few fan bases, and ultimately, have a great time building a new community of friends and art/music lovers.

Pop Up Radio operated as a series of one-night exhibitions that paired emerging visual artists with Atlanta DJs in retail/restaurant spaces. Visitors and passersby could engage with the visual artists and their work while enjoying a rare musical moment where the guest DJ presented an experimental selection of songs. The DJs included Mike Zarin, Tim DeGroot, Nicole Sweeney among others; several acclaimed emerging Atlanta artists were featured, including Danielle Brutto, Mac Stewart and John Stephens. Pop Up Radio locations included Sound Table, Highland Inn Ballroom, Monarch Arts Center, and Boxcar Grocer. Both the Pop Up Radio DJ set and artist interview were streamed and archived online and via a mobile app, allowing people all over the world to listen in and even ask questions about the music or give feedback on the experience.

For more, visit Pop Up Radio on Facebook.

Pop Up Radio Set Up


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